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    Gone are the days of carburetors, dynamos, magneto’s and distributors, Electronic Management systems now encompass every facet of the modern day motor vehicle from Throttle pedals that no longer have a physical connection between them and the throttle butterfly to complex and complicated high speed communications networks linking multiple control modules and actuators together. At Autospark we pride ourselves in vast knowledge in these areas obtained from various different facets of the motor trade industry, Let us simplify your Automotive worries. Using the latest Diagnostic Equipment we will endeavor to simplify the complexities of your automotive faults, repair and return understandable explanations of repair practices. Ask us about Installation of After Market Engine management systems such as Link ECU’s also.

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    ALTERNATORS (charging systems)

    Electrical loads placed on charging systems have multiplied dramatically over the last 20 years however the ever reliable Alternator has been there to regenerate electrical energy lost by consumption, designs have changed along the way but basic principals stay the same. With a vast experience in Alternator repairs, diagnostic and repair practices, up to date, accurate and cost effective repairs can be carried out with minimal down time getting you back on the road again.

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    Sometimes the magic button on your key/key fob decides it no longer wants to unlock/lock your door, usually in there most inconvenient ‘hands full of groceries’ type scenarios. Other times the door locks may appear as though they are possessed by demonic spirits locking and unlocking erratically and violently as you drive. At Autospark we are more than familiar with the many intricacies of Central Locking systems and have the know how to remove, repair or replace any and all Central Locking faults. From full installations of remote key less entry systems in more classical vehicles to simple lock actuator replacements in late model imports, we do it all.

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    Starting Systems are often over looked but with out an adequate starting system your vehicle may as well be fueled by hopes and dreams…. In the case of Japanese imports, which is a large chunk of the vehicles currently on the road, starter motors generally require servicing between 120,000k’s & 150,000k’s, the ball is in your court with regards to starter motor servicing as the general consensus is to wait until failure before carrying out starter motor servicing, at which stage damage is generally already enough to require unit replacement. We suggest Starter Motor Servicing as it will save you time and money in the long run and the possibility of having an unnecessary break down at an inconvenient time.

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    Electric Windows are another facet over looked with regard to vehicle servicing. Overuse, under use, miss-use, any use really… puts load on the electrical and mechanical components in the Electric window assembly, ensuring runners are clear, clean and lubricated can extend the life of and electric window ten fold. In the event that the Electric Windows in your vehicle fail, the team at Autospark have the vast knowledge required to quickly and accurately determine fault cause and carry out the necessary repairs with as little downtime or cost.

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    From simple bulb replacement to complex High Energy Discharge systems, the Autospark team can shine a light on your dark situation. From LED driving lights to Work Lamps, Beacons and Markers if we don’t have it, we can get it. With supply and installation at as competitive price.

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    Simple wiring repairs to full installations and vehicle rewires, the Autospark team can access and execute any job. As with any complex project, adequate planning and understanding is required before undertaking any large scale job. With dozens of full scale rewires under our belt the Autospark team can confidently tackle any request.

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    Batteries generally get a bad wrap, left to fend for themselves, they give everything they have thanklessly and eventually succumb to the pressure of there own chemistry without a word of complaint only to be referred to as ‘useless’ or ‘a dud’ here at Autospark we care about your battery, we’ll service it, check its condition and output, we’ll even clean it if necessary and if by chance if its on its last legs we’ll lovingly extract it from your engine bay and cradle it in our arms as we carry it to its final resting place on a white sandy beach where the sun never sets…… or on a pellet on the back of Battery Dave’s Truck, which ever is closer. We supply and stock most common sizes of battery in the Super Charge range and resale at a competitive price, call us for a quote.




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